1. Lead Times:

The completion or installation date we have quoted is our best estimate of when your order will be completed. NOT A PROMISE! Backorders do occur. We will do our best to complete your order as quickly as possible pending availability of slabs.

2. A job site is ready for template when:

All necessary appliances including cooktop, down draft, stove, sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, hot water dispenser, or any other pertinent items are on site. Any item that requires a cut in the stone will be taken ( if necessary) at the time of template (except cooktops, only specifications will be required) and returned at the time of installation.

3. Viewing and Approving Your Slabs:

Granite slabs are a work of nature and vary greatly from one slab to another. If you want to pick out your slab and approve it then we must make arrangements with local distributors for a viewing of the slabs. Only then will the slab be placed on hold to prepare it for the installation.

4. Template:

The home owner must be present during the entire templating process to answer questions in regards to seaming, corner radius, overhangs and special designs. Therefore it is recommend that this person is familiar with the project.

5. Pricing:

We have priced your order based on measurements and other data that you have provided. If changes are made or measurements require adjusting then the price will be adjusted.


All appliances must be on the job site at the time of template. We are not responsible for the moving of appliances, furniture or personal items stored in the cabinets, this should be done by the home owner prior to demo. If its necessary for our installers to move appliances, furniture or personal items stored in cabinets we will NOT be responsible for damages.

7. Removal of old tops( Demolition):

If we are removing the old countertops then all items on and under them should be removed.

8.Plumbing and Wiring:

Plumbing and wiring are not a standard part of our installation. We will offer pricing options on plumbing installation, disposal installation. We will also offer pricing information on electrical plug and switch plate installation if we are installing your new backsplash.

9. Installation:

The home owner or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present during the entire installation process.

10. Incidental Damage:

Final wall preparation (painting, wallpaper, etc) should NOT be completed prior to installation if at all possible. Care will be exercised during the countertop installation, however scrapes, punctures or digs are possible. These items are considered incidental damages and are customer’s responsibility to repair.

11. Seaming:

Placement of seams is the discretion of the fabricator, seams will typically vary from 1/16″ to 1/8″ and will be visible to the eye or touch. We will use a color coordinated epoxy to form the seam and blend in with countertop color.

12. Installation Approval:

After the product has been installed the customer or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present to inspect the countertops. At installation a customer approval form will be provided, which will be asked to sign, confirming the satisfaction with the quality, fit and damage free condition of countertop.

13. Clean-up:

Installation of Granite Countertops is a large contraction process. You should expect dust and possible minor damage to walls. We will wipe down and sweep our jobs.

14. Warranty :

Montfort Designs provides a 5 year warranty on our fabrication and installation of your countertop, we do not cover damages caused by customer negligence such as:

  1. dropping items on counter

  2. scratching counter

  3. hitting countertop or any other incidental damage caused by customer

  4. stains from foreign substance or chemicals